Our recyclable mason jars safely carry these scrumptious Naturally Sauced condiments from our kitchen to yours…. and beyond! Grab a couple for the fridge, today!

All of your favourite Naturally Sauced flavours also come in bags that decant perfectly into your empty glass jars. And the sweetener? They even cost less!

We are proud to work with ASOS who are serious about doing fashion in a way that adds social value and reduces environmental impact.
Naturally, we think it’s pretty good.

Welcome to Naturally Sauced

Our mission is simple, to help you eat well, waste less and feel good... naturally.

The Hearty Harissa gives this cauliflower salad an addictive, spicy flavour, balanced perfectly with the herbs and cheese. Try using the stem and leaves of both the cauliflower and parsley, it's a great way to avoid food waste - plus you get way more texture adding different parts of the vegetable.

Admit it, 99% of the time it's our hard-working mums that put delicious dinners on the table every night, so why not let her put her feet up on Mother's Day and create this super-easy and oh-so-tasty dinner for her.

Meet Mishy

Armed with her sunny demeanour and professional experience, Mishy is on a quest to bring big, beautiful flavours to the table that are also kind to the planet.

Big Ideas

From only the best, sustainably-sourced and ethically harvested ingredients to the latest cutting-edge developments in biodegradable packaging and labels - Naturally Sauced leads the way in advocating for really good food delivered to you in a food-safe, eco-friendly fashion!

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