Our recyclable mason jars safely carry these scrumptious Naturally Sauced condiments from our kitchen to yours…. and beyond! Grab a couple for the fridge, today!

All of your favourite Naturally Sauced flavours also come in bags that decant perfectly into your empty glass jars. And the sweetener? They even cost less!

We are proud to work with ASOS who are serious about doing fashion in a way that adds social value and reduces environmental impact.
Naturally, we think it’s pretty good.

Deliciously decadent this Café de Paris butter will transport your taste buds and delight the senses. Bon appetit butter lovers!

Meet Mishy

Home cooking can be unfussy, oh-so wholesome, easy-peasy, eco-friendly... and downright delicious! Just ask Sydney Chef, Michelle “Mishy” Powell.

For over 20 years Mishy has been in the business of good food – working all over the world as a personal chef for her private clients as well as in some of the best restaurants.

For those who aren’t comfy in the kitchen, Mishy prides herself on taking the heat, the stress and the strain out of healthy home cooking.

Armed with her famously sunny demeanour and a bounty of professional experience Mishy has cooked up NATURALLY SAUCED in her quest to bring big, beautiful flavours to the table that are also kind to the planet.

Mishy’s range of sauces, dressings and condiments promise lots of modern, easy-to-apply flavours that give you the confidence in your kitchen to eat well, waste less and feel good… naturally.

Eat well, waste less, feel good... naturally

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